Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prepare: Budget Survival Food List | Prepare!

Prepare: Budget Survival Food List | Prepare!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA & the Holidays

After watching videos,reading posts of ANGRY passengers assaulted by TSA goons, I wonder...just how BAD is it going to get come the holidays?!!

What needs to be done is have the Airlines (corporations, and INDUSTRY) tell the government to GET OUT of it's airports...because it's KILLING their bottom line!!

Nothing moves government policy like MONEY and if sleaze-bag drug companies can lobby to get whatever poisoned pill passed, then the Ailine industry ought to be able to persuade big brother to let them handle their own!

What's to stop a suicide bomber from taking out the LINE of people waiting "patiently" to be molested by TSA (all in the same of 'security') It would mock the security in the worst way, in essence, with the size of the lines you'd expect....then they (the terrorists) would have inflicted even more damage without taking out a plane in the process!

Let's not mention soft targets, like malls, trains, buses, boats. If you ramp up security at airports to the point of turning them into places with more security than the CIA, of COURSE you will force terrorists to target easier and more widely available targets! Oh, is that what they intended??....I pray not!

Anyhow, as far as myself and my family, we'll never set foot in any airport so long as TSA is present. He who trades liberty for security deserves NEITHER!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gulf Crisis: Bad to Worse

Gulf Crisis: Bad to Worse

Sit down. Get ready. Your life has begun to change. It will never be the same again. This gulf disaster is changing everything. Call your legislators. Tell them that they are now on notice. There are the constituents and there are planet killing corporations, ready to wipe out life on the planet for a profit.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gulf Spill has deadly surprises

For the longest time it's been a mystery WHY... why won't they let people in to film cleanup efforts out there?, Why won't they let us see? The reasons are now clear. It turns out two very important DEADLY reasons:

1- Toxic elements Methane Hydrate which is flammable and most likely the cause for the oil rig's initial explosion to begin with.

2- Radioactive materials seeping from the seabed which is mixing with the oil and causing alot more illness and deaths than anyone's letting on. Sooner or later it's going to come out (it always does) so, why they think they can hide it is beyond me!

Power companies are putting up off-shore booms/traps to prevent oil from cloggin up their intakes of water, but...what about the radiation?? or chemicals?? I still think they're going to have problems beyond what they can solve, again they KNOW it and they're just not saying!...why?....MASS PANIC of the public, when big business and big government doesn't have it all under control!

Best stock up on supplies to filter and store your fresh drinking water especially if you're a Bay area, FL resident.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

What's worse than the spill itself? The clean up efforts, which include toxic chemicals, burn-offs that are further destroying the ecology in ways that can only be described as catastrophic! In all likelyhood, the result is going to be that the entire gulf area must be evacuated due to the presence of toxic fumes, chemicals.

I do not for one moment believe that any deadlines/penalties posed against the responsible parties will have any positive effect towards fixing the problem at hand. In fact, BP has gone so far off as to suggest refining/selling the spill oil at the gas pump! Now I know they claim they'll usee the profits for cleanup, but somehow I just can't believe that.

What Gulf residents must understand is that there is a state of Martial Law looming in the not too distant future, something that's terribly troubling...where are they going to relocate millions to? is the evacuation going to be mandatory? If you refuse, what penalties of law will you face?

For those affected by this spill, they must understand, the fresh water (drinking water) supply to the Tampa Bay area of Florida is going to be seriously impacted, due to the fact that water supply is brought from the ocean in the Gulf, desalinated and purified. The problem is that the filters which desalinate the water will quickly become clogged when the oil is sucked into the intake lines.

That being said, everyone should be storing fresh water, so when the filtration does fail, you will not be without water. Visit my website for all your disaster preparedness supplies, including kits for you and your family that will help in any Emergency situation you may face.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher called for an international pact to break up banks whose collapse would threaten the financial system, a position that goes beyond other Fed officials.


I'd say the fed's preparing to crash the whole damn thing, just so a new WORLD currency could be put in place! It's going to ultimately destroy the gold standard, which has been the building block (foundation if you will) for all monetary systems throughout the ages.

The only viable recourse will be to switch to 'digital' dollars..which is what they've had planned all along, since money isn't real to begin with.